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<2F Seterian

31 Kikinak>

Levant facing Wind Boss

Wind Boss.png

Basic Intel

ID: 30

Species Growth Rates

Attack 170 Defense 80
Magic Attack 130 Magic Defense 50
Speed 180 6th Stat 100

Damage Modifiers

Fire 48 Air 48
Earth 48 Water 48
Poison 0 Sleep 0
Flesh-To-Stone 0 Instant Death/Critical 0
Absorption 16 Standard Attacks 32

Appearance in the Story

The Boss of the Dragonfly Forest of the Netherworld, also known as or as one of the 'oooooouoooooo'(clue taken from jade cocoon 2's arena registery) summons Seterian with Level 18. Locks arena property to Air and commonly drops a Bloody Garb and rarely a Great Walnut.(one of a few strange precursor to the characters shared fad of wearing suits in jade cocoon 2) a terrible creature of darkness whom like kekinak and his ilk in jade cocoon 1 & 2 can only exist in physical reality by residing within artificial magical body-like suits, but differ in theirs as the 'bosses' are typically more longer, slender and taller than others. their history is only hinted at throughout the games including how they survived being destroyed by Levant and revived(apparently) in Jade cocoon game 2, and their motives. each are more what they appear to be. .

Hints on defeating this boss

Make use of elements, especially Air. Strong spells - especially Maltia - can quickly end the fight.


This minion's posture has the hidden Increased special attack efficiency ability.

This character is one of a collection of one of the most frightening characters in hiyao miyzaki's various creations, and of a darker aspect never really approached that often if ever by miyazaki.

Typically, the 'bosses' physical characteristics in terms of garb resemble Klarrgas, and their extremely powerful and unusual minions- ie, bony and spiny.