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"...the best way to mourn for the dead... ...is to eat good food and live life to the fullest!"

Wen is an NPC from Jade Cocoon - Story Of The Tamamayu and resides in Syrus who lives with Su and his Wife Piko. His house is at the far left end of the village.


He is a simple yet somewhat cheerful man who seldom thinks outside of the box. He is one of the victims of the Onibubu, the Locusts Of Apocalypse and isn't seen again until he is revived at the end of the game, along with the rest of the village from being turned to stone and by extension, the sleep sickness.

He lives with Su who works at the Silk Mill. She may well be his Mother, possibly Grandmother or even Mother-in-law, but this isn't confirmed. (*XFER)

He is also married to Piko, who seems to think of him as useless but soon changes her mind when he is taken ill.