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Hello there! Welcome to my profile.
If you came here searching for answers, leave me a message here.
If not, you might want to read something about myself:

About me[]

Well, there's not much to be told.. except for.. I love polar foxes. (Obviously.) To be honest, I've never seen some real ones neither I've been to Finland.. it was just the wish to have an arctic-themed name in a northern language. Since that, I started to really like them. Sometimes I'm even dreaming of them.

My story with Jade Cocoon[]

Well.. some years ago, around 2002, some siblings were playing this game on their PS1. Some other games as well. I searched for them some years after they moved, and I'm playing some of these games even now.
Few years ago, I searched for Jade Cocoon. Well, it's quite expensive even today for a PS1 game, but it was worth it. Playing it again was an icredible feeling.
Some months later, I had some questions.. dunno what was the problem that days. So I asked google.
But.. the problem was: there weren't that much infos! The only wikis or pages I found didn't contain much useful intel or only rumours which couldn't be examined well enough for years. I was going to change that.
The - I guess - only wiki I found was the one you're just looking at. Emily is the founder, and wasn't that active that day, but I wanted to talk to someone first.. So, after this day, I started contributing. It was quite a failure in the beginning though.. it took some months until I found out enough about templates and all that stuff as well as about Jade Cocoon to create something really informative.
Today, I've got no questions anymore. Though this, I'll keep contributing and helping other users - you for example - to get rid of every false information and rumour out there. My work is - other users implied this - quite widely accepted.
I'm hoping this wiki will bring back the Jade Cocoon fandom to quite some life again - that's also what Emily wanted to reach with this wiki.