Jade Cocoon Wiki

Pipika! (Hello!)[]

I'm Lexichu, formerly known as AllanScotti on the GameFAQs boards.

I was a fairly active member of the Jade Cocoon discovery back in the day, though now I just fiddle about with it on occasion for the sake of a good time. It's still a fun game for me to this day, after all!

About Me[]

Me as a person? I love messing with numbers, taking things apart, and finding out how they work. Perfect qualities for poking around under the bonnet, hood, or even skirt of a JRPG!

The reason for my change of name is a fairly simple one: I came out as being transgender at age 24, so my old handle isn't really appropriate. It was just my first and last names stuck together with an "i" on the end for "internet"!

As for the new one: It's my short-hand name with "chu" on the end because I like Pikachu. A lot. Poké-waifu status.

What I'm Doing[]

Losing my mind, slowly! xD

But more seriously, I'm currently mapping out the location of everything in the non-Japanese version of Jade Cocoon 1's save files, and loading a PocketStation into my PS1 to see if I can find any patterns to what I get out of it by changing the PocketStation's ID number. I'm also going through the guide book, charting the tables in English, and making discoveries based on that. :3

One other thing I'm working on is going through the Eternal Corridor at roughly 5x speed on an emulator, to confirm once and for all if there's anything but despair and an infinite loop of 1000-999-1000-999[...] at the end, having finally collected all 171 minions at about 18:00 on 02/06/2018 (DD/MM/YYYY).

Work-in-progress stuff with no home can be found in my scrap pile.

A new page where I rip MK's tables for file space layouts can be found at this link!