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Basic Intel

Hexadecimal ID: 22
Finding places: Merging of minions of specific families

Species Growth Rates

Attack 160 Defense 160
Magic Attack 40 Magic defense 40
Speed 140 6th stat 100

Status Damage Modifiers

Poison 32 Sleep 32
Flesh-To-Stone 32 Instant Death/Critical 32


Weakest Form


Fully Grown (downscaled image)


Fighting Techniques

Special Attacks

  • Horn - Water Attack
  • Fang - ---- + Critical
  • Claw - ---- + Power
  • Tail - ---- + Accuracy
  • Foot - All Enemies


  • None

Items Dropped


  • None


  • None

Related Minions

Close Relative


The types of minions needed to create Tweengo are described on the Secret 2 item, which states:

The six-legged creature covered in tough skin has sharp claws, and for some reason, a protruding jaw.

The four types of minions needed are: six-legged, tough skin, sharp claws, and protruding jaw.

Minion types


Tough skin

Sharp claws

Protruding jaw

One minion is needed from each of the four category types above. For example:

Nevan   + Ohma     = Nevan2

Radmole + Skaeeb   = Radmole2

Nevan2  + Radmole2 = Tweengo


The game always checks the count of Merge Slots in the result. Once there are at least three merge slots set to one minion of each ingredient, the result is exchanged with Tweengo

Multiple minions of one ingredient do not sum, for example two Nevan and one Yoalk merge slot is not enough.


  • Tweengo and it's relatives share very similar skin designs and colours with the -Baran family of minions from the -Dreg genus, such as Raddreg and Patbaran, despite not being part of the neccessary group of minions to make it.
  • Tweengo later appears in Jade Cocoon 2 (spelled Twingo), albeit as an Earth-type Minion under the Gara genus, though Water-types also appear in the game but obviously with a different name.

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