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Riketz, The Lion Of Parel

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Riketz, also known as The Lion Of Parel, is the former Cocoon Master of Syrus and Father of the main character, Levant. He disappeared in the forest, and was thought to be dead. However, at the end of the main story, it is revealed he is in fact alive and may well be the Dream Man who Levant fought against at the start of the game, as well being The Chosen One Of Darkness.

Riketz (and by extension, Dream Man) uses a Black Lute as his summoning (and probably capturing) instrument.


- Levant inherits Riketz's Black Lute and maintains it as a sort of keepsake of sorts and is even seen with it and plays it to summon the Kalma that resides with Kahu during the main story of Jade Cocoon 2.