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Ra's character portrait


Ra is one of the Nagi Maidens tasked by Ni to provide services to you after arriving at the Temple of Kemuel. She presides over the Chamber of Purification on the left-hand side door. As of this point on, she replaces Mahbu's duty of minion merging, spinning, and purification.

In the Battle Arena, Ra is in charge of advancement and management. She announces which team is the winner (if any) at the end of each Arena fight.


  • Ra's minion merging, purification, and spinning dialogues are lifted straight from Mahbu's script in the demo version of Jade Cocoon. The only notable differences are better use of punctuation, and Erlim[sic] being corrected to Elhrim. Consequently, she seems to know that purified minions do not return to Elhrim once they're spun into silk.