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General Info[]

Poto is a side character in Jade Cocoon. He is a wise old man, who is oft found sitting underneath a tree in the Syrus Graveyard, overlooking the forest. He has many a story to tell the player if they are willing to listen.

He has known Levant and many other children of Syrus for a very long time, and notes that Levant has always been talented with the flute - even playing it as a young child he was able to soothe the rowdiest of his peers. Spending so long at the edge of the graveyard, he has become attuned to the cries of the forest, commenting that it is making ominous noises when Levant is sent by Jibara to enact the Act of Gehena. He also wishes that you do not go seeking an early death by heading into the forest unprepared.

  • At first, he will tell you the Legend of Alcana(Arcana?).
  • After beating the Beetle Forest, he will tell the story of the Birdman.
  • After beating the Dragonfly Forest, he will tell you the story of the Forest People.
  • After having retrieved some of the Calabas, he will finally tell you the tale of the Upside Down Tree.


  • In PAL versions of Jade Cocoon, there is a bug where viewing Poto's stories may result in them flowing from one to another without end. Poto's stories are played, then Gi's scenes with the screen wrapped around at the bottom, and eventually the opening cutscene. The game typically crashes after this. The glitch could be due to the timings for the end of cutscenes not being adjusted properly for this particular part of the game, as every other cutscene works without incident.