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For the minion, see Minion.
For minions in Jade Cocoon 2, see Divine Beasts.

Arpatron, a pure Water-elemental minion and one of the first the player encounters in-game.

Minions, also known as Beasts and Agents of Elrihm, are enemies that can be captured by Levant and subsequently summoned as an ally to fight during combat in Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu.

There are 175 obtainable minions in the game. However, only 171 of these are obtainable in each playthrough, as Arpatron and Vatolka share the same ingame Minion List ID placeholder, since only one of them can appear in Koris' capture tutorial.

General info[]

As enemies, minions appear solely in the various Forests of the game. Levant can use them in battle by first capturing them with the power of his flute and trapping them in an empty cocoon. They also need to be purified by Mahbu, after which they become firefly cocoons. The player can then summon them in battle using the power of their flute. Higher level minions are harder to catch, but it becomes easier as Levant's capture level increases by successfully capturing minions.


A Hybrid minion - the result of a merge of a Skaeeb and a Marrdreg.

Pure minions (that being minions captured in the forest) can contain 1 of 4 different elemental properties; Fire, Water, Air/Wind or Earth, which loosely determines how efficient they are at using that particular elements various moves. Minions can also be non-elemental, though this can only be legitimately seen with various enemy minions. Humans which are encountered in-game in battle are considered non-elemental, though that doesn't mean that they can't use elemental attacks (special and magical) effectively. Pure minions that are merged by Mahbu or Ra are called hybrid minions. After merging, the various stats and traits of those minions are combined and averaged. This can also lead to a multi-elemental minion, that being a minions with 2 or more elements, even opposing ones, such as Fire and Water. However, there are downfalls to this, mainly that the power of elemental moves will be lower, but the minions may better resist certain elements, as damage taken isn't measured by a minion's elemental ratio.