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  • Hi Levant of Syrus,
    Please consider unlocking the majority of pages in the Special:Log/protect list, particularly templates.
    The following Community Central pages provide a great explanation as to why I would make this request:

    Locking pages.
    Help:Page protection


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  • So I had to reinstall vista on my computer, and in the process lost a lot of stuff, =/ yay...

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    • ..but didn't lose experience, at least..
      I feel sorry for you, losing data is no fun at all.. I know what that means
      But try to bear up, it's over and gone, we can't change it anymore. Plus, regaining the stuff/data will help to deepen your knowledge :)
      So don't give up! I stand by your side.

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    • Thanks, I'm going to try and get all my roms and stuff back this week.

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    • Slow but steady wins the race. :3
      Just keep going, it will work out in the end. :)

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      • bump*

      Still alive over there?

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  • Hei,
    I was bored, so I took some time playing the Japanese Version and trying to hack the appearances of Asha and its secondaries.
    As you can see, it's not only Asha which uses the fairy model in the Japanese Version. Those minions also use this model:

    • Anash
    • Shulia
    • Shee
    • Fal

    All of them are squids in the other versions. From this it follows that there are in total 4 fire squids! These are Asha, Anash, Rashaba and Nupandra.
    I uploaded some pics of the fairies so you can get an impression of the whole family. For example (this one is Anash):

    • AnashJSpin
    • AnashJSpinGrown

    As always, there is one pic for growth level 1 and one for the 5th level. ^^
    I don't need them, so do whatever you want with them.

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    07:29, April 28, 2013
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    • That will be fine, just don't really name it the Black fairy family XD

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    • Very good, as you wish^^
      I'll leave the whole stuff like that atm, if you can think of an other title for the page, that would be very helpful. :)

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  • Hei, could you do me a favor? I've got some tiny questions, and I want your opinion about some things..ok, enough of smalltalk:
    1. The minion pages (especially their pictures):

    • The Mini's. You were going to create them, right?
    • The Graph's. The ones you created are pretty good. I tried this one based on my ones on my wiki (which I scaled). Would you like to do them as well?
    • The Spin's. I uploaded my ones on the minion pages.. are they ok? They're quite big, but look quite nice, I think :)

    2. The minion list.

    • If we cram in all 171 minions (or even more), it would look quite unclearly, I think.

    3. Asha.

    • Is it, as I guess, a minion that looks different on the Japanese Version?

    4. Badges. Find this feature here.

    • It's a feature which is quite funny imho, but do you think it's necessary?

    5. What are you going to do for the wiki in general?

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    12:00, December 25, 2012
    • 1.

      A) Yeah, I will.

      B) Either is fine.

      C) I quite love them, I was trying to find a balance between getting them done and making them look nice. You have done amazingly, thats what I orginally wanted but didn't have time to do for all of them.

      2. It will, That is fine though. it's supose to be a comperhesive list, I set out orginally with this wiki to try and give Jade Coccon the wiki love Pokemon gets, so i orginally was trying to emulate the style of Bulbapdia's Pokemon List, We can always have different list pages that are more organzied.

      3. Yeah, It's model was removed and replaced by the squid looking minion in Pal and EU becasue of it being a black fairy. It was also one of the first pages I made so it's a bit outdated in format.

      4. Not really, Given how small the project is it would be bassicly giving ourselves shiny candy lol I don't care if you keep it implemented, maybe it will be of more use later.

      5. Sorry, I wish I had as much time as you do right now, but to fill you in, I am currently using a barely functional laptop, the screen part doesn't stand on its own and the power is funky, adding on to the holidays, my friends, working, planning moving and getting a car, It's been hell to even get resources. It's a major chore to even put in my controller becasue the side usb is broke and moving the laptop to put the ps3 controller in usally causes the laptop to shutdown.

      My orginal goal was to bassicly spend a year doing what you've managed to do in a few months lol I will admit I'm not all that speedy, I guess I will need to define what I need to do so that we can work together becasue I'll be honest, You've added quite a bit that I'm not compeltly sure of what is all done.

      I can tell you some things.

      1) I plan to update and move Asha to where she is found (The Fourth Forest I think, been a while since I captured her)

      2) I plan to make all the minifigs, I ultamely want to use this wiki as templte to make a JC fan game, and the mini sprites will be used in battles. That is far down the road though.

      3) I want to have baisc merges all cataloged, obviously it becomes increasingly and expoentially much more diffuct to do, but I will try.

      4) I plan to play JC through again and record things such as the stoires that are told, these will then be placed in the Book of Legends.

      Overall I also want to add content. But I'm sad to say you are far more skilled than I.

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    • Ok, thanks for all that info. :)
      Some more remarks:
      2. Yep, I already thought about some different lists. For example, lists sorting the minions by their corresponding numbers, by their elements (such a one is in my wiki), or their families. That would become more interesting once all minion pages are done, of course ;)

      5. Hmm, your problems with your hardware are.. horrible. However, the real life is still more important than a game, so don't worry.
      "But I'm sad to say you are far more skilled than I."
      I guess it looks like this because I only did things which suited with my strengths. I'm going to study computer science, so this is why I don't wonder that I can use some hax on the minions to squeeze some more info out of them. I guess that will look different once it comes to, for example, Legends or such stuff lol
      To 3) let's say you catalogue the merges that 80 minions can generate: this would mean 80² = 6.400 merges. Well, let's see how we can do that lol

      In general, I'd say I should transfer all minion pages - I got every minion except those who appear only in the Eternal Corridor - and then we should see again. I'm still looking forward to it :)

      Thanks so far - ~N~

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    • Thanks, =] I do agree we should work on merging only after we've finished the normal minions, so we have time. Thanks for being so understanding, you've been such an insparation, I don't know if I'd ever have gotten anywhere this close without help from you <3

      You have my premission to be fully in charge of the minion pages, I'll still fix Asha, since I have a Japensense rom with her already on it. After that, Feel free to organize and change what you desire. I consider us equals on this project. ^^ This Wiki is as much yours as mine.

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    • Yep, you're an inspiration as well :)
      And yep, I absolutely agree. This project will be done, earlier or later, doesn't really matter <3
      Oh, and btw, I also got all Item and Equip stuff - the Items are all done here, and I'll finish working on the Equip tomorrow. Hehe^^ So far, so good, I wish us good luck.^^

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  • Hei, I won't be online the next three days. I'll be going on a school trip.
    Let's hope the world won't end on Friday, I want to see you again :)

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    18:31, December 22, 2012
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