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Levant facing Masked Boy

Masked Boy.png

Basic Intel

ID: 32

Species Growth Rates

Attack 190 Defense 100
Magic Attack 10 Magic Defense 100
Speed 180 6th Stat 100

Damage Modifiers

Fire 48 Air 48
Earth 48 Water 48
Poison 0 Sleep 0
Flesh-To-Stone 0 Instant Death/Critical 0
Absorption 16 Standard Attacks 32

Appearance in the Story

Masked Boy is an optional Level 1 mini-boss. He appears in the Beetle Forest once Levant enters a area where a certain hut is. He believes that Levant is a Poacher, and challenges him to a fight. After the fight, he screams in pain and runs away. Masked Boy has a 57% drop-rate for Great Walnuts.

Hints on defeating this boss

Have Levant at full HP going into the fight, equipped with the Knife and armour of your choice. Train a pet to press Confirm repeatedly, then leave them to mashing the button whilst you make use of the bathroom. Come back to a completed fight.

Alternatively, you could use your Minions elemental attacks, but that is nowhere near as funny to write about.


His voice (which he tries to adjust), his sword and his green pants support the conclusion that he is in fact Lui.

Masked Boy's defeat speech was changed several times during translation; from claiming you know how to kick ass, to saying that he got creamed, to simply yelling out in pain.


This minion's posture has the hidden Increased special attack efficiency ability.