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ID B - 08 Element Air Used Damage Modifier Air
Range Single Enemy Cost 25 Mana Base Efficiency 140 %
Description Advanced Wind Attack

Extra damage vs. Earth
Higher wind element ratio yields more damage.

Obtainable Minions which use this spell:

Rank C Element Wind Move Type Magic MP Cost 23MP
Range Single Power 20 Power Type Attack Seed Beast Nilgilth
In-Game Description Lightning attack, L damage, MG

Maltia is a Wind-type magic spell from Jade Cocoon 2 that causes damage. It works very similarly to the magic of the same name from the first game, but is proportionally not as potent.

Maltia has an efficiency of 87 attack per 100MP.

Maltia (as well as other magic in it's series, minus Maldiard) can be stopped by Skill Bind, making the beast in question unable to use them and use a standard attack instead.***

The ability Resist Wind reduces damage from Malti, and all other Wind-type attacks by 50%.

Move Series[]