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General Info[]

Mahbu is a character of Jade Cocoon. She is Levant's wife and his Nagi Maiden. She gives Levant the Tears of Reese before he departs into the Beetle Forest.

Before entering the Spider Forest, she becomes overburdened with the trials of being a Nagi Maiden, and takes Levant to the top of the Syrus Watchtower to talk. You can ask her about Levant's father, mother, or ask about Mahbu herself. Provided you ask about all three at least once, Mahbu will provide the Nagi Belt when the player exits the conversation. The Nagi Belt is the only missable equipment item in the game.

Mahbu purifies the minions that Levant captures in the forests. After the Ritual of Sacrifice, she turns into a firefly and must be stored in a cocoon. Therefore the player cannot purify minions until reaching the Temple of Kemuel, where Ra takes over this service.



  • Mahbu's dialogues were changed from the demo when she uses Nagi magic, seemingly to make her seem more naive about the ways of the Nagi. Notably: when she is spinning white cocoons into silk, her original dialogue in the demo is "Shall they ever know good fortune, those who fight for what is right. Never shall they return to Erlim[sic]. Oh, if we but only ask, grant us our daily bread!" - which is later changed to "O warrior of justice, Return to whence thee came - to the place of Elrihm! Grant us our daily bread."
  • Mahbu has the most sprite portraits of all Jade Cocoon characters - with five in total as shown above.
  • Her name was transliterated as "Mavoo" prior to the game's final release in the west.