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Basic Intel

ID: 35

Species growth rates

Attack 150 Defense 130
Magic Attack 100 Magic defense 100
Speed 150 6th stat 100

Damage Modifiers

Fire 64 Air 32
Earth 16 Water 32
Poison 0 Sleep 0
Flesh-To-Stone 0 Instant Death/Critical 0
Absorption 16 Standard Attacks 24

Appearance in the story

Lagoat is the minion of the Poacher in the Spider Forest. Its model resembles Arvalzak. Its level is 9. It always drops a Skeleton Key when defeated.

In battle

It uses the Horn - Rend Wings + Critical technique up to two times, which can be dangerous to flying minions.

Hints on defeating this boss

Fire attacks, especially spells can quickly defeat this boss. Negative status are almost impossible and standard attacks cause less damage than normally.


This minion's posture has the hidden Increased special attack efficiency ability.