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Spoiler Warning: This article shows some spoilers for the main story line (Spider Forest and beyond)

Basic Information[]

A 3D image of Kakayamu, which is used in the game when Kakayamu is interacting with the player.

Kakayamu's display picture

Kakayamu is a member of the Yamu tribe. The mother of Yamu and Yami, and the presumably the partner of Totoyamu.

Role in the Game[]

Kakayamu's role is minimal, when you speak to her she wants you to leave the forest and shows a clear dislike for The Beasts of Knowledge. But she tells that she has lost the "Divine Tablet", an educational resource that she was going to share with her children, an item that you can find in the Spider Forest and return to her. This is an optional side-quest and nothing notable happens whether you return the item to her or not (but it might make you as the player feel a bit better about intruding on her home). Once you progress the plot to the next stage (completing the Act of Gehena), this side-quest can no longer be completed - though you can still talk to her.

If you visit her home in the Spider Forest of the Netherworld, you can also see an apparition of her and her inner feelings.


  • In the Japanese version, Kakayamu is voiced by Yuri Tabata, who also voices Phio, Levant's mother.
  • In the English version, Kakayamu is voiced by Ellyn Stern (who has done various other work on dubbed anime series, such as Pokémon, Lupin III, Bleach and Ghost in the Shell), and who also voices Garai as well as Phio.

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