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Experience refers to Experience points, which Minions and Divine Beasts need to gain to either Levels, which by extension, makes them stronger. Levant can also gain experience points in the first game, though they are used for Capture Levels, which helps the player capture Minions easier. The experience point system is the same for both Levant and his Minions, but is different in the second game.

Gaining a level is called a level up, and the process is called levelling up, as is standard for most games with the same or similar level systems.

Jade Cocoon: Story Of The Tamamayu[]

Unlike most games, the actual experience points needed to gain each level in the first game never changes. Instead, the amount of experience points given by a defeated opponent equates to less the higher a Minion or Levant's level is. If Levant or a Minion is defeated, their experience bars will drop to zero.

Both Levant and Minions require exactly 67,108,864 experience points to level up.

This amount of experience points gained can be calculated by the following formula:

Exp. Gain = 67,108,864 / 2^([Level]-[EnemyLevel])

Therefore, defeating or capturing an opponent that is the same level as Levant or a Minion will always gain a level. Experience are only granted to the Minion that delivers the final blow, even if another Minion partakes in the battle.

The formula does not round up, so no experience points are gained if [(Level)]>[(Enemy Level]+26. Partly due to this, the level cap during normal gameplay is Lv.54. Leveling any further requires very strong minions (Lv.>26) to be merged. For example, creating a Lv.55 Minion requires a merge of two Lv. 54 minions.

The highest level Minion that appears in the game (in particular, Eternal Corridor) is, ironically, Lv.26. Even if a Minion or Levant defeats or captures three Lv.26 Minions in the same battle (equivalent to defeating a Minion that is hypothetically Lv.27.5), it is still not possible to level up any higher than Lv.54, as the amount of experience points gained in the aforementioned situation still equates to <1 experience point,

The leveling system bugs in very high areas (around Lv.120), which causes minions levels to be higher or lower than expected. This is probably due to the formula format.

Jade Cocoon 2[]

The experience point system is completely overhauled in the second game. The highest level in the game is Lv.20, and resets to Lv.1 once a Divine Beast has been merged, keeping most of it's stats , upon which they can then grow further.

Different Divine Beasts grow at different speeds, called Exp. Growth Rate. There are thrre differents rates at which a Divine Beast can grow: Fast, Normal and Slow, which need 90%, 100% and 110% of the experience points needed to level up respectively. The amount of experience needed to level up increases after each merge but stops after a Divine Beast has been merged 5 times. The amount of emperience points needed to reach a certain level triples after each merge.

Below is a table outlining the experience points needed to reach Lv.15 and Lv.20 under each Exp. Growth Rate and the amount needed when at a certain amount of merges.

Merge Fast Growth (90%) Normal Growth (100%) Slow Growth (110%)
Lv.15 Lv.20 Lv.15 Lv.20 Lv.15 Lv.20
0 1924 4676 2164 5260 2405 5845
1 5772 14028 6493 15781 7215 17535
2 17316 42084 19480 47344 21645 52605
3 51948 126252 58441 142033 64935 157815
4 155844 378756 175324 426100 194805 473445
5+ 467532 1136268 525793 1278301 584415 1420335

Lv.15 is the lowest level that a Divine Beast can be merged, though it is advantageous to merge at Lv.20 for a Divine Beasts first 5 merges as it's stats will grow much more than merging at a lower level. After the 5th merge, it is recommended to merge at Lv.15 as the amount of experience points needed to reach Lv.20 equates to appoximately 22 levels worth of experience.

2 abilities affect the amount of experience points needed to gain a level. The ability Late Bloomer increases the amount of experience needed by a straight 10%, so a Divine Beast who grows fast, needing only 90% of the normal experience points needed to level up will now need to gain 100% of them. The ability Precocious decreases the amount needed by a straight 10%, so the Divine Beast in the above example will now only needs 80% of the amount of normal experience points needed to level up. If a Divine Beast has both abilities, Late Bloomer takes precedence, much like when a Divine Beast has both the ability Imago and the ability Larvalize. ***