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Enhancements are special modifiers that can increase the properties of a given attack or set of attacks; usually at the cost of extra MP. There are 3 types of Enhancements, each with varying effects.

Special Attack Modifiers[]

These can increase the parameters of an attack they are 'attached' too, such as increased accuracy. Only one can be attached to a move at any one time, and merging minions together that both have +Parameters in the same body part will result in the secondary minion's modifiers taking priority.


The +Accuracy enhancement makes a Special Attack more likely to hit (approx. 30% more accurate), and more likely to inflict status (approx. 20% extra chance) if it can, at the cost of an extra 10 Mana.


The +Power enhancement increases a Special Attack's Efficiency by a flat 30%, at the cost of an extra 10 Mana.


The +Critical enhancement increases a Special Attack's Critical rate by approximately 50%, at the cost of an extra 10 Mana. A critical hit is indicated by a flashing screen and a different animation/sound effect when the enemy is hit, as well as dealing 70% additional damage.

Arena Properties[]

Wherever you battle an enemy, you battle within an Arena. Initially, this is simply based on the area you're in. Each Arena (with a few exceptions) can be given an Element, which can be changed by casting a Deva spell. There are 4 Deva spells, one for each Elemental Property of Water, Fire, Wind & Earth. Only a few select Minions you encounter have these spells and you can of course take advantage of these by capturing them and by Merging.

Once cast, an Arena Element adds a flat 60% to the efficiency of both Special Attacks & Magic of that element. For example, casting Deva Agni will increase the power of a Patalchu's Horn Fire Attack, and a Pataimel's Agni spells.

Sometimes when encountering bosses, there'll be a Arena Element hard locked into the battle. Even if you cast an opposing Deva magic spell, the arena's Element cannot be changed. Encountering Fire Boss and his Minion Tuturis for example is locked into a Fire Arena Element. The fight with The Chosen One Of Darkness and Cushidra is unique in that you can change the Arena Element (*XFER), but Cushidra itself will regularly change the Arena elemental property, which can both make the fight difficult or can be taken advantage of.

Increased Efficiency[]

This is a hidden mechanic which is prevalent among the minions with IDs 0 to 38 (minions which can't be found in the Eternal Corridor and also story bosses), although not every one is affected. They either add a flat 10% to the Efficiency of their Special Attacks or their Magic, depending on the minion's posture, either Bipedal or Winged. If a merged Minion has a posture of a Minion with Increased Efficiency, the resultant Minion will retain it.

Note that even though visually, the posture of related minions (such as Tergore to Rugdogle) look identical, they are defined as different within the game's coding - so will not result in increased Efficiency if a related minion is used as a Base in merging instead of the Genus heads (such as Rugdogle, Dogle, Berbansa), etc.) This is where Merging can be either advantageous or disadvantageous, with even a seemingly trivial choice like using either Rugdogle or Tergore as a base minion in Merging being important in regards to Increased Efficiency, even though the stats or moves may be vastly different doing one or the other.


These Minion Postures have increased Special Attack Efficiency:

Boss and unobtainable Minion models and animation are stored like regular Minions are, and therefore have postures too. These bosses have an increased Special Attack Efficiency, but are unavailable to the player in normal gameplay:


These Minion Postures have increased Magic Efficiency: