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The Jade Cocoon Project is a small community wiki that covers the games Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu and Jade Cocoon 2. As this is not a currently ongoing series and these games are long out of print, we do not need to deal with most of the issues dealt with by large franchises or live service games. Our policies are appropriately simple.

Article policies

Attribution and sourcing

Information added to articles should be sourced to Jade Cocoon-related media, including the games themselves, their manuals, strategy guides and news articles about the games. Avoid adding speculation to main article pages, but feel free to add them to your user page. Due to the nature of these games, much of our information comes from users' original research by playing and hacking the games, so all that is required for original research is that it be honest and easily reproducible.

Be bold, but not reckless

Do you have an idea you think will improve an article? Be bold! Fix typos, add facts, improve the language, etc. Though do be careful about deleting information. If you think an edit might be controversial, start a discussion in the comments or Discord server to form a consensus.


Articles should be appropriately categorized. This will primarily be done automatically via template to reduce the amount of work and upkeep incase a template is renamed, eg. all minion articles will be autocategorized by game and genus (eventually).


Articles about something totally unrelated to Jade Cocoon will be deleted, including vandalism and nonsense.

Layout and style

Most of the articles on the wiki will be about characters, minions, bosses and locations. These articles should have a consistent layout and utilize a template for information on the top and/or sides. Look at other articles and try to remain consistent. The goal is to have a small number of templates to maintain a consistent look, as well as categorization (see above). Images should be placed where they are most relevant and should not interrupt the flow or the aesthetics of the article.

Articles should be written in English. Further layout guidance TBD based on template development.


Articles should be named succinctly based on the subject. As most of the articles on the wiki will be about characters, minions, bosses and locations, this should be straightforward.

Neutral point of view

Articles and templates must be written from a neutral point of view, representing views fairly and without bias. If there are conflicting views on a subject, they should be presented fairly and sympathetically.

Notability and trivia

As this wiki only covers the Jade Cocoon universe, pretty much anything from the games and their production is notable here. We aim to have pages for every character, minion, boss, location, mechanic and production aspect of the games, including cut content and prototypes. Feel free to add trivia to articles, but make sure they are interesting. Trivia to avoid would be things like: "This is the only minion with 6 letters in its name."


Please remember to tag spoilers on story-related content. This will mostly apply to character and location pages, and a few boss pages. These games are a bit obscure; just because they are old does not mean they are well known!

Talk pages and comments

Discussion pages exist to improve the page, not to discuss your opinions or personal feelings about them. Please remember to be civil when making comments, to sign your comment if on a talk page, and do not edit others' comments.


Vandalism to articles will be reverted. This includes removing good information, reverting others' good work, making major changes without consensus, blanking sections or articles, adding nonsense or renaming articles to nonsensical or inappropriate titles, adding inappropriate images or external links, or making an article or adding content unrelated to Jade Cocoon.

Should an article be vandalized repeatedly, a non-vandalized instance will be protected by an administrator until the issue is resolved.


There is a three-revert rule in effect for this wiki. An editor must not perform more than three reversions on a single article within 24 hours of their first reversion. You may not use sockpuppets to bypass this limit.

User policies


The administrators reserve the right to block users for breaking Fandom rules, as well as for vandalism, sockpuppetry, spam, or breaking rules below.


Do not operate a bot on this wiki without approval from the administrators.


Be civil. Don't be rude, judgmental, or accusatory. Don't belittle others. Respect others' privacy. Form consensus for edits. This includes to edits, edit summaries and comments. Personal attacks and namecalling are not allowed on this wiki.

User pages and profiles

First and foremost, remember to focus your efforts on editing actual articles, rather than your personal pages.

Feel free to make your own userpage with information about yourself and what you bring to this wiki. You may only make one userpage (no sockpuppets!) but you may create subpages to your userpage with more information, such as custom minions, theories and fandiction. If you need to register a new account, make sure to note the name change on your old and new pages.

You may redirect your userpage to your message wall if you choose.