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A Damage Modifier (DM for short) defines how much damage an attack type causes to a defending minion and eventually how probable status ailments are. The higher the DM, the higher the damage and the more probable are status ailments.
The "normal" value is 32 (100 %), while minions with status attacks can be immune to the corresponding attack type. Their corresponding DM is 0 (0 %), which means that they take only 1 damage from special attacks and almost never suffer from the same status ailment. DMs are part of the Damage Calculation Formula.
A Damage Modifier is a signed variable. If a DM is greater than 127, attacking the minion with the corresponding element causes no damage, but healing instead.

There are 11 Damage Modifiers for each minion:

  • Fire
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Poison
  • Sleep
  • Flesh-To-Stone
  • Instant Death/Critical
  • Absorption
  • Healing
  • Standard Attack

Pure minions[]

Only the status DMs: Poison, Sleep, Flesh-To-Stone and Instant Death/Critical vary between pure minions. These variables can be found on every minion page.
The elemental DMs are determined by the minion's element:

Element Fire DM Air DM Earth DM Water DM
Fire 32 16 32 64
Air 64 32 16 32
Earth 32 64 32 16
Water 16 32 64 32

Minions elemental ratios are not responsible for elemental incoming damage. However, they have an impact on these elemental DMs while merging.
The Absorption DM is in general 32, if the minion has an "Absorb HP" or "Absorb Mana" attack, the DM is 0.
The Healing DM is always 224, which is -32 (-100 %) because of the Signedness of the variables. The Standard attack DM is always 32.

Manipulation through merging[]

Elemental DMs are calculated with this formula:
New DM = 32 + (Bad elem ratio) - 0.5 * (Good elem ratio)
A Bad elem ratio is the element ratio which the DM is strong against. For example having Air in the element is bad when being hit by Fire Attacks, wherefore this increases the Fire DM - which increases damage through fire.
The Good element ratio is the opposite. Air increases resistance against Earth, wherefore the Earth DM decreases.

Poison, Sleep, Flesh-To-Stone, Instant Death/Critical and Absorption DMs are calculated via this formula:
Round down (( Higher DM - Lower DM ) /3 ) + Lower DM
Merging a minion which is immune to a status ailment with another, not resistant minion creates a DM which is not 0. The result will be able to take damage from this status attack and be affected by the status ailment (although not that much).
Standard attack and Healing DMs can not be changed as they are always 32/224.


  • The Mana drain by Destroy Mana is depending on the Standard Attack DM.