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Damage Calculation in Jade Cocoon requires 8 variables and constants:

Of the attacking minion:

  1. Attack if the used attack is Attack, or a Special - Magic Attack if it is a spell
  2. Level
  3. Efficiency
  4. Element Ratio if the attack is elemental
  5. boolean IsPoisoned

Of the Defending minion:

  1. Defense if the received attack is Attack, or a Special - Magic Defense if it is a spell
  2. Damage Modifier of the attacks type
  3. boolean IsDefending and IsSleeping

The formula[]

Damage = 3 / 20 *((Magic) Attack^1.5/(Magic) Defense^0.5) * (Level/3+1) * (DamageModifier/32) * (2/(2+3*IsDefending)) * ((IsSleeping+5)/5) * Efficiency * (10-3*IsPoisoned)/10 * 4-th root(Element ratio/8) + Rnd*

If Levant is involved in combat, some minor tweaks are applied:

  • "Level" is not derived from his Capture Level, but instead a hidden value assigned to the weapon he has equipped at the time.
  • Efficiency is determined by a second hidden modifier in the weapon, or by the item used in the case of him using a Seal:
    • 100% to a single target using a Seal 1.
    • 95% to all targets using a Seal 2.


  • Decimal places of (Magic)Attack/Defense are ignored.
  • Attack and Magic Attack max at 99 points. 100 points are possible, however it will still be calculated with 99 points.

Increasing own damage output[]

These methods increase the damage minions can deal:

  • For attacks increase Attack value / Level
  • For Spells increase (Magic) Attack value / Level
  • Increase the special attacks or spells efficiency
  • Put the enemy to sleep
  • Have high element ratios for elemental special attacks / spells of the same element

Decreasing damage taken[]

These methods decrease the damage minions will take:

  • Increase Defense value against attacks
  • Increase (Magic) Defense value against spells
  • Poison the enemy
  • Decrease damage modifiers through merging - however, mostly increases other DM's
  • Defend