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Levant Cushidra

Levant facing Cushidra while in Earth arena property

Basic Intel

ID: 38

Species growth rates

Attack 200 Defense 200
Magic Attack 200 Magic defense 200
Speed 160 6th stat 0

Damage Modifiers

Fire 12
24 while Air-elemental
Air 12
24 while Earth-elemental
Earth 12
24 while Water-elemental
Water 12
24 while Fire-elemental
Poison 0 Sleep 0
Flesh-To-Stone 0 Instant Death 0
Absorption 16 Healing -16
Standard Attacks 8

Appearance in the story

Cushidra is the minion of the Chosen One and the hardest minion in the story with Level 23.

In battle

It is capable of changing the arena property and its element display to every element. This also means its Damage Modifiers change with this, changing weaknesses to certain elements. It uses every hidden spell and also a Special Attack depending on the current arena property, boosting their Efficiencies as well.

Hints on defeating this boss

Its high Defensive Growth Rates and the low Damage Modifiers make it hard to deal much damage. However, by abusing the constantly changing arena properties, increasing the own Efficiencies is possible. Also, hitting with a strong element in the right moment deals double damage.


This minion's posture has the hidden Increased special attack efficiency ability.


  • Cushidra only uses it's healing spell when the arena property is changed to Water. However, the hidden healing spell is originally used by Seterian, which has the element of Air. This is probably because within the games coding, this healing spell is in fact, essentially non-elemental, though it lists the spells type as "1".
  • Cushidra has the highest Growth Rate sum out of all minions and characters with 960 points.
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