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Lives in the Wormhole but Longs for the World of Humans

Deep in the Wormhole Forest, the Divine Beasts gave rise to mutant species and evolved. She must be one of the products of this evolution. Cure is a little girl who wants to exorcise the "other self" residing within her body and become human.


Water Return 4[]


As Kahu enters the room, Cure is waiting in front of the Water Jewel and is happy to see Kahu. After a few minutes of dialogue, the beast inside takes over completely, and is revealed to be a Drac-type beast. It engages Kahu in batle shortly afterwards.

This boss is the true test of the Water Forest, as all of Cure's attack slots are filled with strong magic to help her stats or to hurt Kahu. Beating Cure awards the Water Jewel (and her presumed death).


HP 1,470 MP 3,658 Strength  138 Vitality  98
Wisdom  138 Spirit 98 Speed  53


Move 1  Ramakite Rank A Element Earth Type Magic
Move 2  Yagiluna Rank S Element Water Type Magic
Move 3  Agnite Rank B Element Fire Type Magic
Move 4  Dark Crash Rank A Element Wind Type Skill


 Experience Gained   6,000 (1770 in Hex) 


 Personality    Clever  
  Personality (In Hex)   58

Item Drops[]

Cure does not drop any items, although technically the Water Jewel could be considered an item drop since it's what you get directly after beating Cure, but of course, this is debatable.


  • Strangely enough, even though the actual monster Kahu faces is a Spiralon by model, Genki still named this monster "Cure" in the game code. This is probably to maintain story integrity.
  • After the defeat of Lilith in the Forest of Darkness, there is a chance you'll find Cure in the Lounge, who will give you a Drackich egg.
    • This is strange considering that the beast that Kahu technically fought is Spiralon, and Cure has no recollection of her memories. Though somehow she has a knack for Dracs.