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The Book of Legends and Lore[]

This page contains;

  • A hub for all the legends and tales told within Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu (玉繭物語),
  • Extended information (with some fan speculation) on aspects of the background lore and extended universe that isn't necessarily covered in the main story.

For information regarding the main storyline of Jade Cocoon, please check out The Book of Stories. Please be aware that both The Book of Stories and The Book of Legends will include main story spoilers, though they will be marked/stated where possible.

Myths and Legends[]

As told by Gi[]

  • The Story of Creation (voiceover from the opening sequence)
  • Chapter Introductions

As told by Poto[]

  • The Legend of Alcana
  • The Woodcutter and the Birdman

As told by Garai[]

  • The Story of Creation/Bird Man Origin

Songs of the Minstrels[]

  • The Bird Man
  • About The Forest



Nagi Culture, Tradition and History[]

  • The Nagi
  • Cocoon Master
  • Purification
  • Cocoons
  • The Sacred Union

General Culture[]

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