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Jake Watts Jake Watts 18 December 2017

Making a Jade Cocoon style game

Love this wikia page, loads of cool information on it. This is my first post so forgive me if I'm doing anything wrong here XD.

So I'm making a Jade Cocoon inspired game with a few friends and a few potential collaborators, trying to get people talking about it on the facebook page I've created so I can get as much feedback on this as possible whilst it's under development. I'd love for people to come check it out and have their say.

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/JadeCocoonInspiredGame/?notif_id=1513443813905283&notif_t=page_fan

I've always loved this game since I was a kid and I must've replayed it hundreds of times throughout my life. For my university project in my final year I remade the Warp Gate and Beetle Forest in Unreal En…

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Lexichu Lexichu 30 August 2016

Grinding Failure

I had a sad today.

After getting 3 Dragoncrest, Armijar, two-and-a-half levels on a minion that started at Level 34 and a Divine Garb 1, my PS1 decided "oup, gonna crash now" whilst I was sitting on the menu. Probably overheating after being on for three days, or the disc having a nice couple of halos from being scratched up. It's not the first time I've had this happen, but I'll be damned if it isn't really annoying.

Though, this isn't the main reason I wrote this. I found that whilst I initially thought All Enemies wasn't effective against anything that flew, I've found that so far only Maskhira has this immunity. The case could be that the Eternal Corridor minions don't have the immunity, whilst the standard monsters that show up in the f…

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Evolutien Evolutien 10 March 2016

Jade Cocoon 1 - Playthrough, Thoughts and Notes 4

Well, I've managed to finish my playthrough. Not as thorough as I would have liked but once I realized I missed the arpatron tutorial beast, I stopped caring as much about 100%ing the game. I ended up running the endless corridors just a few times to see how well my minions could do, I definitely am an advocate for magic/speed beasts after this play through.

If I play through again in the future, I'd go for the 100% minion list, items, and valuables. 

I'll probably try out JC2 some time, although after some youtube videos I'm not sure I'll enjoy it as much. In any case I was happy to come across this wiki and take part in it, and I will definitely continue checking in to see updates. I hope to see those minion sprites uploaded on the minion …

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Evolutien Evolutien 29 February 2016

Jade Cocoon 1 - Playthrough, Thoughts and Notes 3

Well, since my last blog, I've managed to miss some stuff that I'm not thrilled about. I had a friend over as well as my finacee joining us for a change, and between the girlfriend pushing us to "hurry up with game night" and my buddy getting tired and planning to head home, I rushed Moth Forest and didn't pre-plan the trip. I accidentally saved after entering the temple, and not only lost the skills on the Nevans and Yoalks I farmed prior because I saved and turned off my PS1 without purifying, but also didn't catch Asha and one other Moth Forest minion!

In addition to that, for some reason my Minion List option (Square) is not available in my menu - not sure if that's part of the storyline I'm at or if it's a glitch or of I've disabled it…

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Evolutien Evolutien 21 February 2016

Jade Cocoon 1 - Playthrough, Thoughts and Notes 2

Well, i've been grinding through Spider Forest for a number of days now, casually while doing homework, and I've recently obtained both Reaper, and Dragoncrest! I'd guess 200kills for Dragoncrest, and 80kills for Reaper. Decent luck I guess! Not to mention I've accumulated Capture Level 13, two level 13 minions and a level 16, and over 50k Yan.

I've done some looking into rare drops and missable items - I'm about to unlock the second part of Spider Forest and going to grind Embla's to obtain Cloudcover... 

I am looking forward to the next segment of the game, I've been in spider forest A for too long!



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Evolutien Evolutien 18 February 2016

Jade Cocoon 1 - Playthrough, Thoughts and Notes

I've never written a blog before, but decided I'd try one out since I've started a playthrough of Jade Cocoon.

For many years I have enjoyed this game, and this time I thought I'd use online resources, attempt to max out my minion list a bit better, and over-grind my way to a new personal best in the endless corridors.

So far, I've gone through the beetle and dragonfly forests, and am in the first half of the spider forest.

Using the online tips I've seen, I actually brought a fire minion into the dragonfly forest, and grinded on Kikinak for great walnuts. Now I've got 999hp and had a great start to my fire minion leveling, being level 14~ by the time I had gotten my HP maxed.

I've found out some of the minions here in the spider forest drop r…

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Mixture between elements?

Hey guys, first post here...

so i have a question. Im currently at the eternal corridor and i wanted to make a minion that has these SPECIAL attacks;

Flesh to Stone

Absorb HP



How do you make sure a minion maintains those skills and wichone do you need to merge?

Thanks in advance =)


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Levant of Syrus Levant of Syrus 18 July 2012

The Wiki Coccon Master is back in action!

I will get this project done, I have so much passion for this game (and it's sequal), that I think it deserves a Wiki on par or far better than the ones for other more popular monster games.

=] It'll take time, but I hope that maybe this wiki will help create a stable fanbase for the series again (Really what we need is a PSN relese but the odds of that happening are zero).

I'll try my best!

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Levant of Syrus Levant of Syrus 18 August 2011

Hey, Sorry for the disapperence.

I started working and had a lot less free time, I haven't given up though and I'll be adding stuff soon. Thank you Final5 and AllanScotti ^^ If either of you want like more control/permissions, don't be afraid to ask.

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