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The Beetle Forest.

Beetle Forest is a location in Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu. It is the first Forest encountered in the Parel Forest.

General info[]

Upon first entering the Beetle Forest, Levant will encounter Koris, The Blue Cocoon Master. Koris will impart his wisdom unto the player if they choose. From Koris, the player can receive an Arpatron (or Valtolka if a PocketStation is plugged into Memory Card Slot 1) by selecting 'Capture' from the Tutorial Menu. The forest contains numerous Divine Minions at levels 1-3 as well as the optional miniboss Masked Boy.


Starter Minion
Minion Image
Water.png Level 1
Starter Minion (PocketStation)
Minion Image
Fire.png / Air.png / Earth.png / Water.png Level 1
All releases
Minion Image Items Drops
Fire.png Level 1
PataimelMini.png 20%: Shab Liquor
1%: Agni's Seal 1
Fire.png Level 1
PatalchuMini.png 20%: Shab Liquor
1%: Great Walnut
Water.png Level 1
MukhambuMini.png 20%: Mirror of Deva
1%: Bletilla Oil
Fire.png Level 1
NushabMini.png 50%: Ring of Venom
1%: Poison Choker
Air.png Level 3
MarrdregMini.png 20%: Shab Liquor
1%: Chestnut Oil
American and European releases only
Minion Image Items Drops
Air.png Level 1
SkawaspMini.png 10%: Bitter Mugwort
1%: Great Walnut
Air.png Level 1
SkaeebMini.png 10%: Great Walnut
1%: Great Walnut
Fire.png Level 1
PatashMini.png 10%: Special Liquor
1%: Ichishi Oil
Air.png Level 1
SkwootMini.png 10%: Great Walnut
1%: Great Walnut
Earth.png Level 3
TerfraydMini.png 10%: Special Liquor
1%: Chestnut Oil


Masked Boy[]

Masked Boy.png


Masked Boy is found at Level 1 in the hut, located on the right fork after the path splits. Uses basic attacks which do minimal damage; sometimes will not even attack during his turn.


Mugwort - Koris will give you one by selecting Attack and Defence from the tutorial menu. Normally it will be used up during the tutorial but the max number (20) can be obtained by selecting Attack and Defence and then ignoring Koris's orders during the tutorial.

Skeleton Key - By the fountain, next to a trio of Nushab/Skwoot

Aquazor - In the hut where you fight Masked Boy. Can be obtained without fighting the boss by entering the hut from the north end of the forest.

In the Treasure Chest located in the cave:

  1. 4 Meta-Mugwort
  2. 4 Shab Liquor
  3. Iron Headband

Beetle Warp - Next to the teleporter on a right hand path next to Koris' hut.

Dragonfly Key - Given to you by Koris upon reaching his hut at the end of the forest.