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The Barrier Gate entrance.

The Barrier Gate is a location in Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu. It is a central hub in Parel Forest, near Syrus, which provides access to the following four Forest Gates:

Other Information[]

The Divine Barrier, or Barrier Gate was said to have been implemented after the tragedy of Gehena Pale. It's magical doorways inhibits the movement of wild monsters and stop them from approaching Syrus Village (as well as presumably other villages in Parel).

In some versions, when selecting the gate from the Syrus Village menu - you may opt to skip accessing the Barrier Gate and instead proceed directly to a forest (though you must have visited the requested forest before). This also brings up a map of the Parel Forest that isn't seen in any other part of the game. Due to the placement of the forests according to this map, it is presumed that the barrier gate doorways are teleportation devices, rather than direct entrances into the forests.

There is a save point in the centre of the screen. Though, there is almost no reason to use it. Especially considering the Firefly Glitch - meaning you will most likely want to return to Mahbu and have your firefly cocoons purified before saving your game.